The Beyond Series

The supernatural thrillers. First four books are already on sale…

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Amethyst Romanov is a powerful witch. She is the descendant of an ancient and illustrious line of spell-workers and prophesised one. She and her clan reside in one of four castles around the UK and live as virtual recluses. Her life revolves around the fortified walls and leaving the grounds without the Elders permission or without a male chaperone is unthinkable.

Tragedy befalls her family and coven; she is blamed for the apocalypse and cast out of the safety and security that Amethyst has ever known in Avalonia. She must fend for herself in the modern world of humans, known only to her and her clan as The Beyond.

Amethysts brother Michael, a sorcerer whose reputation proceeds him in the supernatural world, helps her to try and adjust to modern life, but once left alone she is befriended by a group of psychic mediums who call themselves the Daryavaush. They enjoy nothing more than the thrill of paranormal investigations. Whether they are following ghosts, witches, demons, or the blood lust shape-shifters; trouble always seems to follow them.

Can she trust the Daryavaush? Will she ever learn to survive the madness of modern life? Can mobile phones, modems and magic really co-exist? Who is the mystery creature following her in The Beyond and will Avalonia ever accept their outcast gypsy witch, their Didikai Witch back into the fold?

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Lily Roberts is a shy, unassuming young woman. She always aims to please, but recently she has been showing disturbing behaviour and strange new eating habits, including violent tendencies that have left her ex-boyfriend fighting for his life in hospital.

Her parents are afraid of her and the only person who seems to have any control over her is her strange American Uncle, Joseph Brannigan. He visits her twice a year and always takes her to his Manor House affectionately known as The Den in Eden Prairie, Minnesota for the summer holidays.

This year however, Joseph is shocked by her unusual aroma, which quickly attracts the attention of some unwanted guests and their weaponry; machines guns with silver bullets and silver samurai swords.

What has made Lily change almost overnight? Can Joseph and His Pack get her back to the safety of The Den before the next full moon? And who is the man and woman that haunts Lily’s dreams? Everyone wants a piece of her and she would quite happily take a piece of them.

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Michael and Amethyst Romanov are taking a whistle stop tour of Europe. Not for the breathtaking scenery or to sample fine wine and local dishes. Every museum and library is searched and scoured in every country. This trip is not for pleasure, it is all purely business.

They are in search of the true Drukkerebema, The Romany Gypsy prophesies about the Prophesised One, the most powerful Witch to ever exist. The search takes them to Rasnov a small Citadel high in The Carpathian Mountains of Transylvania where they find some very distant and very strange relatives who have many tales of Avalonia across the seas, tales that have been passed from mother to daughter for centuries.

Michael is concerned for Amethyst’s safety as Avalonia is under attack once more and Amethyst’s intuition that they are being followed by a reluctant force is soon confirmed. She misses home, but her inquisitive side soon wins the battle and she must decide where her loyalties lie; either in this life or the next death, it matters not to a Vampire Sorceress.

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Dawn rises over Danestone Glen following the battle between Christos and his vamp army. Galleano and his rag tag bunch of supers consisting of; werewolf packs from the five continents of The Beyond, a circle of four elemental demons who despise one another, and the Daryavaush paranormal team. Casualties are high and the groups have split and retreated. The four castles of Avalonia seem to have crumbled and the Romanov children are missing.
Daryavaush has another nasty shock waiting for them back at the Carmichael Mansion just as a stranger arrives to offer them salvation and protection from the vengeful rogue vampire-witch Kasha.
Galleano is at a loss, now doubting his own decisions from centuries ago to present day, he needs to find a cure for Amethyst’s sudden ‘illness’. Nathaniel and his five packs have suffered the worst losses in centuries and they want revenge.
Can the Daryavaush trust their new saviour and find the children of Avalonia before it’s too late? Will Galleano save Amethyst’s soul and finally find the answers he’s so desperately searched for over half a millennia and across the world? Here and now he faces his darkest hour of enlightenment before his own destruction from the Lycan Lamia.