Book Review – Come Closer!

Today I have a book review of a demon thriller called Come Closer by Sara Gran. The book begins with the narrator having trouble with tapping pipes and she seems to be quite a suppressed character, always doing things to please other people instead. Creepily all these strange perverse behaviours like stubbing cigarettes out on her husbands leg and blacking out only to find the local shopkeeper dead and the narrator has blood spots on her blouse.

The strange behaviours become increasing disturbing and violent until it reaches a terrifying climax.

I really enjoyed this book as there is something very sinister about demon possession and the thought of not being in complete control of your own body and knowing that some else is taking you over must be really frightening. Anyway there were a couple of questions that left me thinking that either the author had forgotten to tidy up a few loose ends or that she has purposely left it open ended so that you the reader can draw your own conclusions (personally I don’t like this, if your going to tell a story then tell the whole story please.)

The loose ends were as follows:
1, Did her husband have the affair with her family doctor and was the shrink in cahoots with them? (as he tried to persuade her to leave her husband and he knew things about her that only her husband should know.) OR

2, Were the shrink and family doctor fellow demons, who were persuading her to eat more salt because this would speed up the possession process.
This was all too ambiguous for me.

3, If Naamah is this all powerful demon as was hinted throughout the book then why didn’t she use her power and strength to bump off a few psychiatric nurses and escape the lunatic asylum? OR

4, Maybe the author plans to bring out a sequel that will continue Naamahs mischief further.
I hope so, this book was short and snappy and easy to read.

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