New Book Cover – The Confessional

This is a sneaky peek at my new Book Cover – The Confessional of the Mancunian Tales Novel – Military Crime thriller.


Emma Wilson is looking forward to a working holiday in the Middle East. Naively she thinks it’s going to be an exciting adventure with her journalist friend, but very quickly realises she’s made a huge mistake and wants to return home.

Unfortunately, her fears of being in severe danger in Gaza come to fruition as they are both kidnapped by a radical Palestinian terrorist group and held hostage for propaganda and money.

By the time the SAS come to free Emma, she is starved, tortured and broken to the point of death. As she recovers from her traumatic experience on a British military base in Cyprus, her world begins to fall further apart as she uncovers the truth about the secret world she unwittingly lived in and turning her perceptions of reality, betrayal, and trust on its head.

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