I am a full time writer juggling my life between working on my supernatural series The Beyond, my new Crime Thriller series, Mancunian Tales and scripts for a TV series in development. As a great fan of theatre, I’m now writing a play based on The Beyond Series, as well as short stories for My Writing Blog

I love to travel, not just abroad, but also at home in the UK. There are many fascinating and beautiful places to see. These travelling sabbaticals are inspirational to my work.

Early History

I was constantly told as a child that I had a vivid imagination, but the first memory I have of actually making up a story was when I was eight or nine years old. At primary school we listened to Jeff Wayne’s vinyl of War of the Worlds. I was in awe of this story and so was inspired to write my own. Naturally it was a spooky tale about a haunted house. I then recorded the tale on my brothers little tape recording machine. I remember sitting in a cupboard with my script and making sound effects with tins of paint, coconut shells and rustling sheets of paper.

Then at sixteen I attempted my first novel. I used to read a lot of my mum’s Catherine Cookson and Josephine Cox books so I decided I was going to attempt my own version of a northern clog and shawl clad heroine from the turn of the 20th Century. Needless to say it was awful, I know because I still have the little school exercise book I wrote it in!

Fifteen years ago I wrote a crime novel as personal therapy, which later developed into The Hidden and since then The Confessional came along and now I’m developing the third novel in The Mancunian Tales called The Bailiff, these are awaiting publication. I’ve always loved the supernatural all my life, from dressing up as a witch at my first Halloween party in Brownies to watching The Lost Boys with my school friends as a teenager, it wasn’t long before I was writing short stories in this genre. Ten years ago I wrote the first draft of Didikai Witch and The Beyond Series was born.

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