Mancunian Tales Series

The Crime Trilogy set in Manchester and North West of England. The First of theses novels is The Hidden Book 1 – Buy HERE

The Hidden Cover

Kristen Saunders is afraid of her abusive husband who attempts to control all aspects of her life, but she can’t help defying him when it comes to issues of the heart. Her marital home is in another county far from her home town of Salford and family, so whenever she becomes homesick she takes a secret trip to see them.

On one such trip she bumps into an old school friend who warns her of two brothers she recommends avoiding at all costs. Michael and Joe McCauley have been asking of Kristen’s whereabouts for several months and although she is intrigued about how they know her and why they would want to know her, she is also extremely cautious if not afraid of some of the revelations made to her about this notorious pair.

When she meets the two charismatic brothers and their friends, she is soon drawn into a world of crime, drugs and eventually murder, whilst having to contend with a controlling and vindictive husband, an overprotective father and an obsessive stalker who is an old family friend/enemy of the McCauley brothers.

The events that unfold and the hidden skeletons that fall out of the family closet allow Kristen to find strength, control and empowerment again, but at a cost as she is eventually revered within the Manchester underworld and her metamorphism will be the destruction of everything she once held dear.